Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010

  Happy Holidays to all our friends and family! I hope yours is as nice as ours will be.  We've had a great start to our Christmas Season.  Casa Grande has an Electric Light Parade every year to kick off the season.  Our park entered this year for the first time.  There were 81 entries all together and they estimate over 33,000 lined the streets.  Gary's truck was the float, with our theme, "Christmas at the Coop" (Co-Op).  We had the truck decked out with lights and two people dressed up as Mrs. Claus and a Rooster, sitting on the tool box.  They'd built a coop on the back  and we had a Motor Home (about 2 ft x 1/2 ft on the top).  We had about a dozen other Skp's dressed as Chicken walking along side the truck and the music was, of course, the Chicken Dance.  As we went by the announcer's stand, she said that this is what your grandparents do when they leave town!  People loved it and we won 2nd place for the most amusing entry!!! Over
20 people were involved one way or another and we all had a great time doing it.
    My Quilt Guild celebrated Christmas at the Holiday Inn.  We had a super speaker that day from Ladyhawk designs and then an Alpaca Rancher joined us for lunch to share new products they're making for quilters.  Kokopelli's where I'm still working one day a week, had our holiday party last week.  Sandy fixed a turkey, dressing, and gravy, while the rest of us chipped in with pot luck sides and desserts.  There were 11 of us all together.  It was a fun and festive evening.  I chaired the SKP Christmas Party Sat night here at the park.  We had a committee with 8 others to help, and had about 100 attend.  There will also be a Christmas Eve party and Christmas Dinner with the group. 
     One of our goals this winter was to go dancing more often.  We were going to try a bar in Coolidge, about 30 miles from here, but instead we were at a Senior Center Dance and invited to a dance at one of the larger RV parks here in Casa Grande.  They have dances every Friday night that are open to the public.  There's a live band (usually country, but also some old style rock from the 50's and 60's), and a great dance floor, about 75 by 100 feet, with tables around it and a stage for the band.  Last Fri night there were about 120 people there with about half dancing at any one time.  There's lots of room and probably about 75% of the people actually know how to two step and waltz.  (There's not a lot of swing and line dancing centers around the electric slide.)  It costs $6 in advance or $7 per person at the door.  Everybody brings their own drinks and they have water and huge bowls of chips.  No smoking and no drunks, although alcohol
is allowed. They start at 7 and go till 10.  (Some of the oldsters have to get home and to bed early you know).  The only thing missing is all our dancing friends from Evanston!!!
     Our families are all doing well.  The newest member, Bowdie, hit the scale yesterday at 8 pounds 15 ounces and will be 6 months old on Christmas Day.  He's still on oxygen and a heart monitor, but getting along nicely and his family is loving having him at home! 
     We got our Christmas present today, when Social Security deposited my first check in our bank account!!!!!  This was also my last day at Kokopelli's.  We are both officially unemployed, except for four months next summer, when we manage our campgrounds again.
     May you too be in the best time of your life, when your family become friends and your friends become family.
     Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 2010!!!