Friday, January 27, 2012

Dancing toward Quartzsite Part I………..

     We left Casa Grande on January 18th, a little late for us, but Gary didn’t want to miss too many pool nights.  We headed toward Yuma, but HAD to make our first stop at Dateland Dateland for shakes and ice cream.  I had one, but Gary had to have two (one for the freezer) with a quart of their wonderful Date ice cream.   With our freezer properly fortified, we  headed on to Yuma.

     We arrived by noon and were lucky to get our favorite boondocking spot.  We went over for dinner with Wyoming friends, Dianne and Ray, who were staying at a local RV park and had delayed their trip back north to see us.  We had a great catch-up visit while Dianne fed us another of Gary’s favorites, rolled tacos from La Fonda’s in Yuma.  We capped off the day with a wonderful swim in KOFA’s pool and of course, the hot tub.

     Nights were cool, but daytime temps with wonderfully warm.  We spent the next day at their flea markets.  Friday was a wonderful day for both of us.  Gary played 18 holes of golf and I went to a great quilt show, put on by the Yuma quilting guild.  It’s hard to beat that for meeting both our needs and favorite activities, but we almost did it the next day with geocaching.  We found 34 caches, as we crept closer to 2000.  The dessert wildflowers were beautiful.  One of the last ones was called Yuma’s microcache.  Here is Gary checking the contents.  As will all our days in Yuma, we ended it in the pool and hot tub.

Yuma Micro Cache Desert Wildflowers

      That Saturday, our generator once again started giving us fits.  We’d had enough and decided with all the boondocking we do, we needed to get a reliable generator.  Sunday, we packed up and headed for Quartzsite and Boomerville.  After getting set up, we headed for the big tent, shopped, and brought a brand new generator back to our rig.  It sure has been nice having a reliable way to charge our batteries.

     We joined the Boomer’s Bof last Spring after attending one of their rallies at Lost Dutchman State Park.  It is a really fun group of Escapees, who stay active and share a lot of our activities.  This was our first time staying at Boomerville in Quartzsite.  There were a total of over 130 rigs that came and went during the two weeks Boomerville was set up.  Below is an aerial view taken from an  ultra light flying above our group.  These were taken each day and posted online.

Boomerville 2012

     If you look at the bottom row of RV’s, there is a very small one just a little left of center.  We are just to the right and up a little from that one.  You can see our red Honda parked just in front of the class C.  The fire pit if above us, in the center of the RV’s.  You can see there is still lots of desert around us.  We are about 4 miles east of Quartzsite and a few miles in from the main road.  While it sounds like a long way, it only takes us about 15 minutes to get to the center of town. 

Katy & Geocache 2,000!

      Besides the shopping, Gary and couple other fellows went into town to play in pool tournaments.  Gary placed second in one of these.  We also set out to finally get our 2,000th geocache!  You can see Katy gleefully reaching up for it.  Of course, there were also pot luck dinners for all.  One night we watched an entertaining slide show about the Burning Man event in Nevada that a couple of Boomers had attended.  Their gathering of 50,000+ was something to see.  They all meet on a dry lake bed outside Reno for a week.  At a cost of $300 each, it had become so popular, that they have gone to a lottery system for tickets.  

      As I write this, Gary is playing golf in Blythe, CA with a group of Boomers.  We are getting ready to do a power cache run tomorrow.  It is located about 50 miles from here and is a run of 251 caches in a 25 mile stretch of road.  On Sunday, we’ll move to the Geocaching Bof Rally location, about 5 miles north of Quartzsite.  I’m playing with a new tool to write blogs, called Live Writer.  It will let me wrap text around, as above and hopefully get a little more creative with the editing.  We’ll see.

Dancing toward Part II of our 2012 Quartzsite Adventure……………

     Hugs, Katy, Gary, Rusty, and Spicy