Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dancing Through Beautiful Fall Weather 2010

     It's hard to believe we've only been here six weeks today, so much has happened.  Since this was our last summer managing campgrounds, we decided to leave our 5th wheel on our lot in Casa Grande at the Roost and downgrade to a smaller and easier method of travel.  We're in our eleventh year of fulltime RVing and love it as much as the day we started, if not more and we definitely look forward to more traveling.  To facilitate that we've purchased a used 27 ft. Class C Winnebago Warrior.  It was set up exactly the way we wanted and we got a great deal on it.   We also traded the truck in on a used Honda CRV.  It will be great for geocaching and we can tow it flat behind the Class C. Gary already has the solar panels moved over to the Class C, along with the four golf cart batteries.  He also got it all wired for the DISH TV system.  We have the inverter and a tow bay system yet to go.

     We did an overnight shakedown trip to the Eloy airport about 25 miles from here and everything ran great.  We also enjoyed the early morning skydivers and found two geocaches while there.  The only downside was Rusty's crying until 2am, but he'll get used to the new house and bed.
     We enjoyed a day trip to Sabino Canyon in Tucson, a beautiful desert canyon.  We also stopped at the De Grazia Gallery in the Sun, a truly unique and fascinating art studio.
     My quilt class and guild has started and we're doing some fun and different projects.  It's kind of like the first day of school, as snowbirds gather from all over the country.
     Gary's pool league is also in it's fall session.  He's enjoying getting back to that with some extra tournaments thrown in.  He's won one and placed well in some others. Sadly, the golf course across the street is still closed and up for sale.  Gary has enjoyed some golf though at the other courses.
     We've even been dancing once to the Needham Twins and their super music and attended a house party with Gary Allegretto and his great music.  I took a harmonica workshop from him the next day and really enjoyed that. It's always fun to try new things.  He has put the same workshop on for children in the Katrina area and after the Tsunami as well. 
     I'm seeing an ankle and foot specialist here, who has given me one cortisone shot and will probably do another in Dec.  He also started me on Celebrex.  It has helped decrease the swelling and I'm wearing a brace most of the time.  Unfortunately, it hasn't eliminated all the pain, if I'm on it a lot. His evaluation of the arthritis was the same and says the answer when it gets too bad, will be an ankle replacement. If that doesn't work, fusion will be the only other option, so I'm holding off as long as I can.  I do now have a handicapped parking hanger, but then so does half of AZ, it seems.  There are times though when it really helps.
     We weren't going to work this winter, but when I was offered a seasonal job at See's Candies, I thought it might be fun.  It has been and will only last another six weeks.  As a holiday give center everything is prepackaged, so I just have to try and avoid the samples we give out, (not always easy).
     The weather was still very warm when we arrived (high 80's and 90's), but has now settled into a very comfortable pattern of days in the 70's with lots of sunshine and nights in the low 40's.  We were actually 37 yesterday morning.  That's OK, we love being able to use and enjoy the electric blanket.
     We'll be going to Quartzsite in January and plan on some other short trips this winter, as we continue to explore and enjoy Arizona.  We want to spend some time in the Bisbee area and I want to revisit Organ Pipe.  So much to see and so little time, but we enjoy every day.
     Even with our travels with winter, our mail can still come here and they'll hold it while we're gone.  Once again, our address until spring is 3241 S. Montgomery Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85293
     Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We definitely have tons to be thankful for, most of all our wonderful friends and families. 
     Thanksgiving hugs and love,
     Dancing through the Fall........   Katy, Gary, Rusty and Spicy