Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dancing in Spring 2014 Heat........

     We're still in Casa Grande & the weather has turned much too warm, much too early.  Temps are pretty steady in the high 80's and much too often in the mid to high 90's!    From what I hear on the TV weather, there are some parts of the country that would enjoy it.  Believe me, I'd send it if I could.  It's been an eventful season here at the Roost, with lots of activities.
     As we all watched the Olympics, it was decided to have a Senior Olympics here.  We signed up to be a country & then we chose names & made flags.  At that point the collective imaginations took over.  It was amazing what different folks came up with.  Our country decided to be the "Land of Lost Memories."  You can guess why.  The really good part was that we didn't have to remember anything, as we walked around looking confused.  Now some would say that didn't take much acting, but I'll pretend not to hear that.  I sewed the flag and another team member made badges.

     Everyone competed in at least one event. All events were modified so everyone could do them.  I've attached a picture of Steve & Gary playing basketball.
     Medals were made from CD's and everyone had fun winning some.  The anthem for our country was sung to the tune of "My Country tis of thee" and had the following lyrics:
My Country Tis of Thee
Land of Lost Memories
I Forget the Rest
da da da da dum dum
da da da daaa dum dum
     Easy, right?

     Entertainment at the closing ceremonies included the three top hat whistlers.

      Gary led the way.  It was a surprize even to me, as he wouldn't tell me what he was doing extra.
      Our next activity was a golf tournament in the desert behind our park.  We signed up to adopt a hole and could design it with whatever we wanted.   Gary filled a water basin and then had a rain gutter going over it, with the sides cut out, so the ball could go in the water.  I had a box with a semi circle cut out on each end, so you could putt through it.  There was 30 feet from tee to hole on each of them and the teams (Put together very randomly) had to all use the same club.  There was only one putter, the rest of the time it might be a driver, a 3 iron, or whatever.  Some were even left handed.  The game concluded with songs around the fire, weinies, and s'mores.  

     We had an owl nest in one of our saguaros.  Although we watched for several weeks, no babies appeared.  We're hoping they come back next year.  It was fun seeing them close up.

     The end of March, I went to Mesa one weekend to become Certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader.  Although I had been attending sessions at the Senior Center here, I had not been formally trained.  It was a fun weekend.   Besides AZ, other trainees come from NM & MN.  I will be leading monthly sessins at the Casa Grande Senior Center during the winter months and will talk to the Show Low Center when we get up there.  I'll also lead weekly or monthly sessions here at the Roost next season.

     I  finished a quilt for our bed in Show Low from the crazy fat quarters I got at last year's shop hop in Wyoming and made a pair of pillows as well.  I also finished two other quilts I'll show  you next month.  I don't want the recipients to see them here.
     I had another trigger finger and got it repaired last week.  The padding after outpatient surgery was so impressive I included a picture.  The incision is about 1-2 inches long on the palm.  It's much better now.  

     I also became a member of Women of the Moose lodge.  Moose Lodges are another resource for spending the night when traveling.  Friends went with us to dinner at the Arizona City Center for my first visit as a Moosette.  

     One of our new leaseholders got our park involved in adopting and cleaning up the road our park is on.  It's a 3.5 miles stretch of road.  The signs in both directions were just put up last week.

     Gary has been doing well in the local pool tournaments, winning the last two he entered.  Our pool players in the park have gradually left, so he's not playing much here. 
     Next week I leave for St. Louis.  I'm looking forward to visiting my cousin, Sandy for a few days.  Then Riki will meet me there for this year's National Fallen Firefighters Suvivor's Conference.  I'm leading two sessions of  Laughter Yoga while there.  Riki is leading a class on making memory broaches.  We're both looking forward to it.  

     The week after I return, we'll head up to Show Low for the summer.  We'll make one trip to Wyoming and Salt Lake City for high school graduations again, but only stay 1-2 weeks.  More on that and other family news in the next blog. 

Until then we're Dancing through the Spring, 2014 Heat..........................
Hugs from Katy, Gary, and Bandit too