Monday, April 23, 2012

Dancing Back to Work!?!?

     We returned from Quartzsite to the Roost in time for our February Follies, a fun-filled week of activities, games, skits, meals, and our general meeting.  It's basically a fund raiser for the park.  This year was no exception and a great time was had by all.  I made my While Chile, which fetched a good price at our food auction and Gary bought Mary Stuart's spaghetti sauce (as usual) for a good price.  Gary coordinated the billiard tournament and then took first place in it, although dead-eye Dennis gave him a run for it.  He also won the golf tournament.

 This photo is all the chairpeople for the many, many activities of February Follies
  The highlight of the week was  Victor's Fashion show, when  men of the Co-Op strutted the runway.  All dollar bills went to the funds raised as well.  We do have fun, as you can see by Chuck, the Bachelor (note the rose), and yours truly with her dollar.  

 The next week was the health fair and blood draw.  You can see me cooperating with this task.

      Once again our winter season here had a surprise ending.  The Park Managers resigned earlier than expected and we were asked to fill in temporarily, until the park could go on summer hours.  I started training March 4th and Gary the following week.  As of March 18th, we were on our own, although the assistant managers, Nancy and Bob were always available for our questions and to help in any way they could.  We worked four days a week from Sun-Wed.  After the training, it turned out to be a fun seven weeks.  I enjoyed learning the computerized program for the front office, from site assignment to billing, for propane, electric, and rent.  Gary handled outside chores of maintenance, parking and cleaning.  I also got to learn some of the back office with quick books, thanks to Ken's patience.  Of course the fact we were working with Escapees meant most of our customers were among the friendliest people you could find.  We finish our TEMPORARY job May 2nd.  New managers have already been hired for next Fall.

      One of the expenditures of the park this year was to buy two pool tables.  While not new, they were of much better quality than the previous ones.  Gary and a couple other pool players did the searching and arranged delivery.  It was fun watching them being set up, as they come in sections and were glued together.  The pool players all liked the new tables and are looking forward to playing on them next season.
     Working has severely impacted my time to quilt, but I have beaded a lttle more.  A few of us gals made a beading sojurn out to shop for beads and of course have lunch. Here you see Bonnie, Gwen and myself checking out the beads.  Thanks to Carol for taking the picture.

     The weather has been great this winter, with many, many days in the 70's. and nights in the 40's.  Those coincidentally are my favorite temps.  We did have a couple cold spells and once again awoke to snow on Table Top, a 4,000+ foot mountain about 25 miles from here.  Now we're helping break records for the earliest high temps, as it was 100+ yesterday.  It is supposed to go back down later this week, thank goodness.

      The Saguaros are blooimg and although they're beautiful, it's also a sign it is time for us to head north.

     As friends started to leave for the season, get-togethers were the norm of the day.  We were fortunate to have friends Doug, Toni, Joan, and Ken over one evening with Ken playing guitar and all of us singing along.  Unfortunately wind, prevented a campfire that evening, but we had many fires on our patio throughout the winter.
      We attended a local geocaching event last week and picked up some new caches as well as meeting some of the local cachers and getting a chance to put faces to the names we see in the logs.  Leap day found 10 of us from our park caching out at North Mountain Park.  What better to do with an extra day of the year than geocache?

     Now our focus is on packing and getting ready to head North.  Please do not mail anything else to our Casa Grande address.  We plan on leaving here May 5th, heading north.   You can either use our SD address or Riki's address, 401 Twin Ridge, Evanston, Wy 82930.  We're going to boondock our way though Flagstaff, Lake Powell, Bryce, the Burr Trail, and Capital Reef on our way to meet Gary's sister Pam, and her husband Jim at Goblin Valley State Park in Utah.  They're our favorite camping buddies and we look forward to spending several days with them.   
     Graduations will the the start of our summer, as Gary's grandson Jentry graduates from Herriman High School in Salt Lake City on May 31, and my grandson Keegan graduates from Evanston High School June 2nd.  To our many Elk's friends, we say thank you, as Keegan was awarded a Legacy Merit scholarship from the Elks.  We don't have any set plans for summer, but are looking forward to visiting old friends and family.  If any of you get close to Evanston, Wyoiming, or Salt Lake City, Utah, please give us a call at 307-679-8818, or send an email and we'll meet for coffee.  We always enjoy showing our area of the country off, if you can stay a few days.
  This time of the year is always difficult.  Thanks to our many friends who remember us and send little notes.  Today would have been Robert's 46th birthday.  It's hard to believe we buried him 7 years ago today.   This picture is one I love, of the National Fallen Firefighter's Memorial at night.  It's such a peaceful scene.  You can see more of the Memorial at their website,

Dancing toward Summer, 2012,................,  Hugs, Katy, Gary, Rusty, and Spicy