Friday, February 22, 2013

Dancing to Deja Vu All Over Again......

     I can't believe it's been over two months since I did my last blog.  Believe me, we have been really busy.   Christmas was made more special when our daughter-in-law, Anna, her fiance Lynn, and their five teenagers made a trip to Phoenix to visit Lynn's parents.  We were glad to drive up to go out to dinner with them.  It was fun seeing family over the holidays. 
     Just as I was feeling like getting more active again, the Board of Directors here at RoVer's Roost came to us once again and said the current managers would be leaving the first of the year and asked us to work in the office temporarily.  As you recall this happened in the Spring of 2012, when we worked through March and April.  We once again said yes, but also emphasized that we really hoped it would be temporary.  (Deja vu all over again.)  We were assured advertisements were already underway.
     With that in mind, we started to retrain and by the first of the year were once again working four days a week in the office.  I had thought I could stay off my feet pretty easily and keep my ankle elevated.  This turned out to be much harder than I thought, as the various tasks took me from one section of the office to another.   It was also far different from the slower pace the end of March and April, as January and February are the busiest time of the year.  I also had to curtail my physical therapy to once a week, but after reviewing this with my Dr., I received his blessing.  By about three weeks into it, I was adjusting and it was getting easier being on my feet.  The hiring committee worked hard and were interviewing four couples by the end of January, with one hired to replace us.  They started training right away and our last work day was Feb 13th.   We were re-re-retired again!!! 
     I had set a goal of dancing on New Year's Eve and was able to meet that without problem.  We enjoyed a New Year's Eve party at our clubhouse and I danced several dances.  Not ready for polkas or 10 steps yet, but we sure enjoyed the two-steps and waltzes.  It was the usual Senior New Year's Eve, with the party lasting until we watch the ball drop in New York, at 10pm AZ time.
     Since then Gary and I have gone dancing on a couple of Friday evenings to the live country bands at one of the other RV parks in Casa Grande.  Gary especially enjoys being able to dance with me without my having a death grip on  him.  Between the pain and trying to stay mainly on one foot, before surgery, I used to grip his arm and shoulder really hard.   Now I have a much lighter touch and it's getting better all the time.  Even the turns and twirls are coming around and getting better.  I've also tried a few line dances and enjoy those as well.
     We've been anxious to replace our couch for sometime and finally found something that fit and we both liked.  We actually got two chairs without arms.  They are super comfy and although it was a little low, Gary built feet to elevate it a few inches.  The cushions can be flipped and interchanged, unlike our previous couch.  When the back cushions are removed it becomes a very comfy bed as well.   The covers are machine washable and replaceable as well.  We're looking forward to enjoying it for many years.
     RoVer's Roost has a fundraising week once a year in February.  This year it was called the "Odd Week" with many fun activities.  During our daily social  hour, there was an odd hat day, odd shoe day, nerd day, and backwards day.  Gary really got into the spirit coming up with great costumes for every day, except the one we worked.  I had knit a bearded hat at the request of grandchildren.  We kept it and it made a great hat for Gary.  In fact it was so great, he was indicted for  "impersonating a terrorist" later that week at our Kangaroo Kourt, found guilty and fined four cans of food for our local food bank.  Below are the pictures of some of his outfits.  Keep in mind this is from someone I have a hard time getting to dress up at Halloween.  Also remember that he designed all his costumes by himself.
Odd Hat Day
Nerd Day

Backwards Day
Impersonating a Terrorist

Kangaroo Kourt

      Odd week was a great success with over $5500 being raised for the park and tremendous fun for all.  Part of the fundraising is a great raffle, with prizes donated by local businesses and people in the park.  We were lucky this year and won several, including an 8 inch cake from Dairy Queen, two large pizzas from Pizza Hut, a $20 gift card from In & Out Burger, and two tickets to the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (one of our favorite places).  Friends of ours won a 30 day pass to LA Fittness, but couldn't use it.  Knowing I'm still rehabing my ankle, they offered it to me.  They have an Aqua Fit (water aerobics) class six days a week.  I've been going every day and really enjoying the workout.  The only downside is the 12 mile drive to the gym and pool each day.  Evanston spoiled me when we're at Riki's with only a mile to the Rec Center and their water aerobics classes.
      The weather changed quickly after that great week and Arizona was blessed with some of that white stuff we escape, but our friends and family live with all winter.   There was a golf tournament in the Tucson area that was postponed when over 4 inches of snow fell on the course.  Here's a beautiful picture of snow in the desert by Saguaro National Park and one I took of the mountains, about 20 miles west of our park
Desert Snow

Tabletop Mtn Snow

     We also heard of a geologic event taking place on Hiway 89 just south of Page.  This is our most frequent route driving north in the Spring and south in the Fall.   As you can see, we'll be taking some detours for awhile.

As I read about this, it seems the road was built over a previous landslide that has reactivated.  You can see by the white rock at the top and then part way down the hill.  The article I read, said it was a primer on how NOT to build a road.

     The road is the black ribbon you see stretching across the picture, before the landslide resumed.  The picture above that shows some of the damage.

      Last night we were fortunate to have Nancy Ruybal and Stewart MacDougall perform in our clubhouse.  They both write and play fantastic country western music.
Nancy Ruybal and Stewart MacDougall
     As I look ahead, it's a good thing we're not working, as we have more exciting plans for this Spring and Summer.   This Sunday our park is going to a dinner performance of Marty Haggard (son of Merle Haggard).   The third week of March, we're attending a rally at Superstition Mtn. State Park, just outside Apache Junction, AZ for a week.  The week after that, I'm going on a quilting trip to San Diego, where I'll attend a class at Eleanor Burn's studio.  She is an internationally known quilter, author, pattern, and fabric designer.  I've been lucky enough to meet her a couple times, but have always wanted to visit her studio.  The Casa Grande quilters are traveling by bus and will be stopping at quilt shops on the way.
     In April, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is having their annual Survivor's Conference in Phoenix.  Riki is flying down for this, so we'll be roommates.  We are both attending a peer support training exercise just prior to the conference, and after four days of seminars and meeting with other survivors, we'll end it with a bus trip to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. 
     By the end of April, we'll be Dancing on Down the Road again toward Goblin Valley State Park in Utah, where we'll meet Gary's sister and brother-in-law, Pam and Jim for a fun week of camping and a great start to our summer activities.    We are so blessed and lucky to be able to live this great lifestyle.
      We hope to see you while Dancing-On-Down-the-Road.......................
      Hugs, Katy, Gary, Rusty, and Bandit